Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new family member + some Chaos

I've got Good News! I adopted another doggy. She was found in the same area of Texas and looks exactly like him, so she's got to be family. We saw her picture on and felt compelled to go save her. Plus, we've been considering getting a play-mate for Spencer. He really loves other dogs and wants to play all the time.

Adopting her was a truly odd & memorable experience. We arrived at this farm in Texas and the lady has 40 dogs she is fostering. 40! Plus some cows... Obviously there is shit everywhere. There were some dogs that were loose in the driveway that she quickly shooed into her truck. We stepped into her yard to be greeted by a very sweet Basset Hound. The foster lady (no name) came over and HIT THE DOG IN THE FACE to tell him to get down. Matt and I looked at each other like "Are you kidding me?!" So we follow her in, eyebrows still raised... The moment she steps inside this big dog bites her finger- TO THE BONE.. She kicks the dog and drags him to a room and shuts the door then tries to show us how to the bone the cut actually is. If you know Matt and I you know we're total babies when it comes to this stuff. Matt is having to sit down and I'm having to put a band-aid on this ladies finger that is partly off the bone. I've never seen anything more disgusting!

I glance around- 6 dogs in kennels in this main room, I can hear some thumping upstairs, the Bassett Hound is crying outside, I'm worried about the 2 dogs in the truck and the big dog is whining in the room it was put in. Meanwhile, the lady is bleeding while trying to tell us about the dog we came to adopt. I decide quickly that I've got to save Freckles and I didn't really hear much else she was saying because 2 thoughts were filling my head 1. We've got to get out of here 2. with Freckles

And we meet "Freckles". She runs out of her kennel straight into my arms and stays there licking my face and snuggling into my chest, tail wagging frantically. She meets Spencer and they both are wagging their tales. The lady goes on and on about how "identical these 2 look" and saying "we gotta get a picture of those 2" So we try to hold them into a forced pose so she can take the picture. Matt and I are still shooting "OMG" glances at each other.

We finally finish the paper work, talking, paying and go to leave. But she insists on us getting a picture outside.. So again we try to force the dogs into holding a pose looking at the camera. My knees are sinking into the mud while she tries to get her camera to work right. We go to leave and Freckles steps in a 2" high pile of cow poo and I think "AHH, WE'RE NEVER GOING TO GET OUT OF HERE!"

We wiped her paws off and finally were on our way home. It was a long hour of driving with this drooling, wild, poop smellin' puppy.

I was told Freckles had been there since September and I just realized this-- driving away she never looked back.

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